Monday, April 13, 2009

My 60th Surprise Birthday Party

I love my family and friends. They all came together to celebrate my 60Th birthday! What A Surprise! Even my Mother and my sister's came from Utah and LasVegas. It was such a surprise that I almost fainted, but decided not to and just enjoyed and partied down.
I'm looking forward to senior citizen discounts! 60 is a good number and I'm going to enjoy this year.
Thanks to all who where there to help make it special!!


  1. Nana!! I'm sooo happy you have a blog:) Its soo cute! I love you so much! It will be fun keeping in touch with blogs while im in utah. Miss you!

  2. p.s this is jos. i guess moms computer was signed on your profile

  3. What a PARTY!!! It was so much fun planning this because you always make everyone's birthday so special! You are the best Ever!!! This is going to be an awesome year for you! You make 60 look like the new 40! I'm very glad that I have the same genes!!! Happy 60th! You were a very good sport. I still laugh when I think of what Pennilyn did to you! She is a riot! Keep blogging it is so fun!